Currently driving around the world in a 1930 Hudson

Heidi around the world

Heidi Hetzer is a 78-year-old former automobile dealer, rally car driver, classic car collector and popular celebrity in Berlin, Germany. She is currently circumnavigating the globe in a vintage car. She started in July 2014 in Berlin, driving a 1930 Hudson. Initially accompanied by a male co-pilot, the team split up in September 2014. Heidi continues alone, more or less following in the tracks of a notable german lady, Clärenore Stinnes, who made a similar journey from 1927 to 1929, enduring hardship along the way.

Heidi’s travels have taken her through Eastern Europe, Central Asia, China, South Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  The voyage continued through the USA and Canada, where Heidi lost a finger in an accident while working under the car. In Miami in December 2015, Heidi visited a doctor’s office to have a “wart” looked at, which turned out to be cancer. Luckily treatment was pretty quick and Heidi was able to continue (on a ship through the Panama Canal) from Lima, Peru in Febuary of this year. She continued through Bolivia to Argentina and Chile (where vintage car enthusiasts helped get Hudo running again after his breakdown), then to Buenos Aires to ship Hudo to Cape Town for a tour around Southern Africa beginning in August 2016. Heidi expects to return to Berlin in Spring of 2017 by way of Suez Canal, Spain and France.

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