What you should bring on a road trip?

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You cannot just jump into your car with your friends having packed a few random things. A road trip requires full consideration and careful planning. You have to plan what to Budget and plan what to pack. Needs might spring up when you are away from home, you have to be thoroughly equipped to meet whatever needs that might spring up. When the appropriate item required to meet a specific need is not available, it can turn the road trip into a journey of many nightmares. A standard packing list is the first thing you need to draft out.  You need to draft out a list of essential items pertaining to your car.

Essential items pertaining to your car…

  • Spare tires: it will be absolutely unsafe to leave home without spare tires before setting off. You should also check the condition of the other car tires and make sure they are in good shape before setting out. This will save you from experiencing hitches along the way.
  • Your license and registration: it is important to make sure that you do not leave the house without your drivers’ license.
  • Your car’s insurance policy: We can hope that you won’t need to use your insurance but its better safe than sorry.
Driver’s license and registration

Do not also forget these items…

  • Your car’s Manual: you also can hope you won’t need to use it but funny things happen and once again, it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  • Roadside Emergency Kit: This includes battery booster cables, Tire pressure gauge, a whistle, Reflective vest, two, light sticks, Window breakers, Warning triangle, Emergency Rain Poncho and others. These tools will assist you in emergency cases. It will be unpleasant to leave home without them.

Roadside Emergency Kit

You should also include items that will make you comfortable…

 We can call this section the “Comfort Kit”. They contain items that bring you comfort.

Things your comfort kit should include

  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses protects your eyes and gives you a “Cool” look.  It will also prevent you from squinting when you are out “Chilling”.
  • Travel Pillow: Pillows make life easy. Especially if you get stranded in a place, you won’t have to be uncomfortable while sleeping. 
  • Blankets: depending on the number of people embarking on the road trip, blanket(s) will prove useful. It will help you keep warm at night.
  • Ultraviolet window shade: this particular item will help your skin stay fresh! It will keep the sun away from you as you drive.
  • Hand sanitizer; what is life without hand sanitizer? Its usefulness cannot be overemphasized. You need to keep your hands clean and devoid of the harmful germs which you cannot see. Since there will be no hand wash basin and tap, the only available effective substitute will be hand sanitizer.
  • Toilet roll: no one should even be caught going on any kind of trip without toilet roll. It serves a lot of functions you know! This is one very important item you should not leave without.
  • Water Bottles: you could get really thirsty depending on the weather condition, so you won’t even need ordinary water bottles, they will have to be really large, to serve you well.
  • Bug spray: you never can tell. You can encounter bugs anywhere and they certainly are not good pets to have!

Bug spray

List of other important items..

  • Flashlight: when the sun goes down and you’re stuck in a place with no proper lightening-system, you will need a flashlight. You can buy two so that it will serve you well.
  • First aid kit: a little roll of bandage, antiseptic, safety pins and other items meant to be in a first-aid box will rescue you when there is Emergency and you’re far away from the nearest hospital in town.
  • Paper maps: just in case your cell service disappears, you won’t be stranded.
  • Spare money: Do not leave your house with the exact amount on your budget. This can put you in so much embarrassment and stress. Take some spare money. It’s better to be fully prepared.
  • Notepad, pencil, and pen: You might need to write down memories and make some drawings. It will add more fun to the trip.

First aid kit

 You can also use some of these items that can be called The Essential Care Kit. The items in the essential care list will help you plan for personal care items.

List of items in essential care kit

  • Body wipes: they are essential for day-to-day movement and also emergency situations.
  • Lip-balm/gloss: It certainly won’t be so much fun if you have to carry your tour on with cracked lips. Cracked lips can be painful to handle.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: bad smells can be unpleasant. A toothbrush and toothpaste will help preserve your fresh breath.
  • Hairbrush: it if gets so breezy and it ruffles your hair, you’ll need a hairbrush to sort things out.
Body wipes

Final words..

  • You can also pack items such as cameras, USB cords, Travel games-to lighten up the atmosphere, and other miscellaneous items such as car-coolers-in case you’re addicted to drinks, and garbage bags. These items will make your road-trip unforgettable if you employ them in planning!