What is a good budget for a road trip?

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Budgeting for a road trip is the safest way to plan. Doing things without a budget will cost you more and put you in a position where you might have to be calling friends to help you sort out some bills. You also will not like to return home from the road trip and find out that you’ve been financially drained. Though planning a budget might not be something fun to do for some of us, it remains the safest way to plan a trip-a step which will never put you in jeopardy.

How do I budget?

Many people worry for the most part about how much will be needed for the trip before budgeting. Well, it’s the other way round. Your budget to know the estimate of the amount of money that will be needed for the trip. it is safer to begin budgeting by prioritizing. This will help you create the mindset of the kind of trip you wish to have and the degree to which it will require funds. You have to set a pattern and prioritize things in the order of importance. This will help you realize what you want to spend more money on and what you’d be willing to spend less on.

Order in prioritizing

Emergency fund can top your list.  This will save you from spending all the money you have got. Having a store of cash separated for emergency use will help you plan right.

Perfect survival kit

Fuel:  Fuel is largely one of the most important things to budget on a road trip. You cannot afford to have insufficient cash at hand. It will predispose you to unnecessary danger.

Lodging: This could be your largest expense if you’d be staying over in hotels. Camping or car-camping usually makes this aspect of the budget cost less.

Add a column for car maintenance and others

Car maintenance: This is equally as important as other listed items. it is a one-time expense in the road trip context.

Supplies for the trip: If you shop smart. you’d definitely be able to save enough money on the purchase of the trip supplies.

Food and drinks:  You can exercise some degree of control over your food budget. You can decide to take along with you most of the stuff which you’d eat or you can decide to eat out in 5-star restaurants.

Food and drinks for the road trip

Don’t forget miscellaneous

Miscellaneous: It’s good to add the miscellaneous list in the budget priority list. Anything can spring up at any time and you have to be well prepared to handle them.

The budget planning proper

            You can begin by making a spreadsheet and allocating the appropriate items on its rows and columns. One interesting feature of the spreadsheet is that it enables you to view the items that are most expensive on your list. It also gives you the opportunity to make necessary adjustments such as eliminating a day from your budget if you feel the trip might be becoming expensive.

Concerning emergencies

The emergency funding: this in the actual sense being the topmost thing on your priority list, should consist of money in your bank account or some cash at hand, not readily available for reckless spending. It is on the budget because it is to cater for certain needs that might arise in emergency situations. No one ever plans to bash cars on a trip but peradventure it happens, you will require some money to sort it out.  People are often clueless about the exact amount to set aside for emergency funds; it majorly depends on your financial situation, so you have to plan base on this.

Don’t ignore fuel

Concerning fuel, you can get available apps specially desired to help with fuel cost estimation. You can estimate the cost of fuel for each day, to visit side-attractions and whatever other places you might have included on your list. This aspect of the budget will keep you on track and prevent you from visiting places you did not plan to visit.

Lodging is important

Lodging is also a very important part of the budget as we have established. You can begin by researching the lodging options available for each stop you’d be making in the course of the trip. You might decide to sleep in hotels, hostels, camps or your car. If you discover that lodging seems to be taking up most part of the budget expense, you might consider changing your route or your lodge option.

Concerning food budget

You can decide how you want your food budget to be. You might decide to go on the trip with your own food, or you might decide to eat out in local restaurants but you have to make a proper inquiry about the availability of restaurants to eat in, so you don’t get stranded.

In addition, your onetime expenses should be properly funded as well as the part of the budget that bears miscellaneous. With these budgeting tips, you definitely will have a fun-filled trip.