Tips for long road trips?

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If you’re looking for essential tips that will make any long road trip you might want to embark on a memorable one then you ‘re on the right article. The tips apply before and during the journey. All you need to do is sit back, relax and read on.

First tip

Making a plan

Firstly, you can make a plan for your road trip. Making a plan is the way to go. You can plot out the cities you will like to visit and the stops you desire to make and where you will like to sleep. In making plans you have to make allowances for delays. Delays are simply unavoidable. Some people will rather make no plans so that it won’t be disrupted but it is safer to plan, making allowances for delays; this can be referred to as having a loose plan.

Second tip

Secondly, when planning where to visit, you can select the areas with wonderful attractions. This will make your tip more fun-filled and interesting. Selecting an area with fairly normal “version” of things will make your trip a bit boring.

Third tip

Cleaning the Car – waxing process

There’s nothing as sweet as going on a road trip in a properly cleaned car.  Making sure that things are put in place in your car will save you a lot of stress-you do not want wrappers of sweets and scattered receipts giving you stress as you proceed along the road. You could also take some time out to clean out the unnecessary items in the car even during the course of the journey so that you can enjoy fresh air as you progress.

Fourth tip

In the course of cleaning the car, you might even discover things that need to be fixed before you embark on the journey. Whether you discover anything or not, it will be safer to have your mechanic inspect your vehicle, so that anything that requires fixing will be taken care off.  Paying attention to your spare tires is a good move. You should make sure they are properly inflated.

Fifth tip

An actual atlas

 You should also make sure you do not forget to bring along with you an actual atlas. Google maps are good but an actual map will make things really interesting. It will enable you to trace your way as you go along the road.

 Having your documents readily available will help a lot. If your documents are not current, you can be caught and delayed. Also if you have pending traffic or parking tickets, it will do you a lot of good to have them cleared so your car will not be impounded.

Six tip

 It’s more fun to go on a road trip with friends. You can employ a division of labor in the traveling process. Knowing what everyone can do best will make the sharing of responsibility easier.  Some people may be good at planning meals, driving, reading the maps, or making jokes, you should try your best to put everyone to work, it makes the travel process burden free.

 Having an escape plan to get off country roads will prove useful. Things can change from fast to slow and you might be stuck up in a place for a long time. An escape plan will help make the trip retain its sweetness; you don’t want people all cranky and grumpy due to a couple of delays.

Since you will definitely be buying a lot of fuel, you will have to get a gas card. You can get lucky and get to win free fuel points.

Seventh tip

 A CD will work wonders for you. You can put the CD in the car’s CD changer and go through the tracks without skipping any. It will lighten up moods and keep tension at bay. Mind you, the songs have to be those you’re really comfortable with. A few months after the trip running through the track will bring beautiful memories your way which will cause you to smile.

 Announcing the name of the place you spend each night to a friend or your parents is not a bad idea neither does it make you paranoid. It will only help you build a public record of your whereabouts in case things turn out a bit clumsy.

Eighth tip

Road trips entail physical and emotional bonding with your trip mates. It involves adventure, being free and being open. Disrupting the bonding process with frequent phone calls won’t be so nice. Phone calls should be limited to the outside world; probably your parents and they should not be too frequent.

Final words..

 Making new friends make road trips fun too and it is an art. You have to be skilled in the art of making new friends to enjoy your trip because they really spice things up. If you’re not skilled in it, you can learn in the course of the journey!

 Taking pictures makes things come alive! Whatever you do, do not forget to take pictures.

The tips listed above, when applied will make you have an unforgettable experience.