Heidi back home after 950 days of travel around the world

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Yes, Heidi did it. She circumnavigated the globe in her 1930 Hudson “Hudo”. Crowds gathered to welcome her home on a sunny, cold sunday in Berlin.

2 years, 7 months and countless service stops later, Heidi enjoyed a triumphant return to her home town. Berlin’s radio stations were full of Heidi news and many fans showed up at Brandenburg Gate, causing a traffic tie-up.

There’s nothing official yet, but between us, Heidi is already speaking of taking off on another adventure!

Return to Berlin , welcoming crowds at Brandenburg Gate

Heidi in Africa: driving more than 2 years, now on 5th continent of her voyage

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After travelling around the world for two years, Heidi is now on the next to last leg of her journey. She will release her 1930 Hudson “Hudo” from the container port in Cape Town shortly and beginn her drive around Southern Africa. Heidi posts current photos almost daily on her Instagram account. You may follow her movement on the GPS tracker. Heidi likes to meet people on the way, so if you see her, please don’t hesitate to stop, chat, give her a wave at least.

Altitude Sickness in the Andes

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After the cancer scare and successful surgery in Germany last month, Heidi is back on the road with Hudo and her new companion Lili, a wonderful photographer and useful spanish interpretor. The last two weeks were spent finding the exact roads and locations Clärenore Stinnes and Carl Söderstrom passed and photographed almost 90 years ago on their voyage around the world.

Currently very high in the Andes, Heidi is suffering from bad headaches but having the time of her life all the same, she says. See her current location on Google Earth and current photos on Instagram.com/heidihetzer .

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Goodbye New Zealand, Hello North America

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Copyright Peter Latham
Copyright Peter Latham

Hello dear readers,

I have been in USA for 3 days, the fourth continent of my trip around the world. Time flies, but Heidi is faster. For I have gained a day. I flew at 7 pm  on June 10, sat 12 hours in the New Zealand Airline (as we flew over the equator the plane shook) and arrived on June 10th, 12 clock in LA. I liked that, leaving in the evening, arriving on the same day at noon on another continent. Then I took a bus to Santa Barbara and was met by my “ancient” friend Kalle. He lives with his partner Judy a big house, where I can stay until my Hudson “Hudo” arrives.

Since 3 days are Kalle and I have been dealing with the new communication. We drive between AT & T and Apple back and forth. I need a new iPad and this has to be installed with apps. Sorry, but I’m overwhelmed. Everything was explained to me in the store, but at home the passwords are wrong, the keyboard is different, @ does not exist. I took 2 walks, otherwise nothing is new. My friend is also not the youngest, (we know each other for 65 years) also shakes his head. I might say, never mind, in a few days I’m going to 78 years old, I do not need that annoying technology anymore. But how to explain this to you? So please be patient.

My mood is excellent, every day 22 ° C in California and mornings and evenings nice and cool for sleeping. I do not need anything. Only New Zealand I have not forgotten, the landscape, the people and the Southern Cross in the sky.

The container ship, the Coral Bay will bring Hudo across the Pacific to Long Beach. On 2nd or 3rd July, the ship is due to arrive, but until July 12th for the paperwork and because Long Beach is backed up.

Since I found no live Kiwi found, I add this beautiful photo by Peter Latham with a Silver Fern, a symbol of NZ, to say goodbye in the blog.

Greetings, Heidi