The Accident

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Everyone wants to know how it happened.
I talked to her more about her feelings than about how it happened exactly. Apparently she was trying to get to the bottom of an oil leak that’s been bothering her for some time. The Hudson was up on an auto lift, the engine running. She was wiping below to get a better look, when the rag got pulled in with her hand. Heidi yanked her arm back.
I don’t know how she managed to photo document everything considering the circumstances, but that’s Heidi. Of course she’s upset about the finger(s) but can already see herself wearing gloves with style.

A Canadian friend is joining her this weekend, perhaps to visit Niagara Falls. Presumably he will be at the wheel. Then the doctor wants to take another look on monday in London, Ontario, where the accident happened. My brother Dylan will fly in and ride with Heidi to Boston. The route is as yet unclear.

From there everything will continue as planned. East Coast, hopefully Cuba (does anyone have any contacts who can get Heidi and Hudo on a ferry to Cuba in November?) If not Cuba, then Miami to Lima on a container vessel, skipping Mexico and Central America. This is sad but probably wise.

Thank you all for your kind words and offers of help. Heidi is a very strong person. A hug from her son and she’ll be as good as new!

Marla, Heidi’s daughter in Germany


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